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Treatments on Schumann 3D Platte

We are happy to inform you that

We offer a variety of programs and treatments to Schumann 3D platform, addressing individual needs.

Therefore, if you want to just relax well, you can experience the unforgettable as massage, where you can relax and mentally, and let go of stress.

Or, if you have back pain, that can be resolved quickly, by releasing tension and stiffness.  We also treat sciatica successfully.

Thai massage and other Treatments

Thai yoga massage is whole body treatment, from feet to head. It is performed on a mat on the floor. Duratation is one and a half to two hours.

It is recommended to come for a treatment dressed in comfortable clothing which allows ease of movement and flexibility.  Loose clothing helps facilitate joint movements such as flexion and extension, rotations and bending moves.

Try to avoid eating at least two hours before your massage session. Make sure you empty your bladder and bowels before your massage.

Your host

Mirna successfully finished Bhakti Sastri Course, Disciple Course and Teachers Training Course at Mayapur's Institute for higher education, West Bengal, India (2014).

She's qualified to teach Bhagavad Gita, Sri Isopanisad and other Vedic literature. She can also conduct interactive courses on different subjects and she's currently preparing them. 

For any questions, contact her on


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